from "The city has sex with everything"

Catherine Wagner


The city has sex with Turtle Island

Turtle Island might not want to have sex with it

Will the city have sex with it anyway

The city did


How do you unrape Total Island

Total Island isn't a thing

It is when it's totaled


Totaled = still a thing

Just one you can't pay money for.



The city has sex through high-performance industrial screens.

Rotex Corp (across Crawford from the cemetery) makes them.

The screeners are used for separating minerals, gravel, grains and such.

All the machines feature the exclusive Gyratory Reciprocating Motion.


Gyratory Reciprocating Motion


is a way of separating us into categories.

Has a way of doing so.


The city folds along red lines

so it can fuck itself.

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Author Bio: Catherine Wagner is author of Nervous Device (City Lights, 2012) and other books. Recent work appears in Chicago Review, Lana Turner and Journal of Poetics Research. She teaches at Miami University.