Grilling and Cooking on the Swivel Grill

Summer is enjoyed by almost everyone because it allows for leisure and pleasure in the great outdoors. Therefore, grilling holds a very high place of importance. It enables delicious food and fosters social gatherings. Among the interesting and long-loved options are the swivel grill applications. Grilling and cooking on the swivel grill is fun because it offers a variety of dishes that can be effortlessly prepared on it. Thus, cooking on the swivel grill can easily be followed by grilling. For the diverse enjoyment of grilling and cooking on the swivel grill, only a swivel grill, a kettle, a grill grate, and fuel material are needed. You can use wood, charcoal, and even grill briquettes. Important are a place to set up and good ideas for what should go into the pot and onto the grill grate. Swivel grill grilling and cooking are also popular because this grilling method creates a completely different atmosphere than other types of grilling. In a beautiful and idyllic setting, romance is created, and with a themed grill, it can quickly transport you and your guests to the Wild West. The mobility and flexibility of grilling and cooking on the swivel grill are also very positive aspects, as it can easily be taken on vacation. Let yourself be inspired by our ideas!

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Grilling is one of the swivel grill applications

If you want to grill perfectly on the swivel grill, you will need to pay attention to good quality charcoal and/or grill briquettes, just like with a charcoal grill. If you want to create a particularly romantic atmosphere, well-dried wood is also suitable. It radiates warmth and keeps guests warm in front of the grill. An ideal moment to share life stories. But what exactly can you put on the swivel grill?

What kind of barbecue for the swivel grill?

As for the barbecue for grilling on a swivel grill, you can put almost any type of barbecue on it, just like any other grill. There are almost no limits here. Steak tastes just as good on the swivel grill as hamburgers do. Different marinades bring variety. It is even possible to do indirect and direct grilling through the proper placement of charcoal and the barbecue. Simply place the barbecue more towards the edge and let it cook from the radiant heat, and indirect grilling on the swivel grill is possible. For a special flavor, use flavored barbecue chips.

Cooking on the swivel grill

Grilling is not necessarily associated with cooking, which is incorrect. Thanks to a kettle that is hung on a chain from the frame of the swivel grill, you can easily prepare varied dishes. A special pot, also called a kettle, of good quality is important. This is important so that it is durable, easy to clean, and optimal for cooking on the swivel grill.

What dishes for the swivel grill kettle?

If you would like to try cooking with the swivel grill, you may wonder what kinds of dishes are possible. Basically, all ingredients are cooked together in a kettle. Stews are very tasty, where the ingredients can simmer in the kettle for hours. The most famous dish is undoubtedly “Hungarian kettle goulash.” It is perfect for a swivel grill garden party and is easy to prepare. A “Serbian bean stew” also tastes very hearty from the kettle. But don’t forget to soak the dried beans overnight the day before! A fish soup from the swivel grill is a specialty for fish lovers. Those who want to live vegetarian or vegan will be pleased with the great vegetable stews. Since the dishes often require a long cooking time, the combination of charcoal and wood briquettes has proven itself. The charcoal produces high temperatures, while the briquettes have a long burning time. You can easily regulate how hot it gets in the kettle for the dish. The closer the kettle is to the fire, the hotter it gets inside. Simply hang it at the height that allows the required heat for the dish. Stews that need to simmer longer require lower temperatures than, for example, a vegetable stew. Stir with a wooden spoon, for example. If you are inexperienced in cooking on the swivel grill, check occasionally by looking into the kettle to see if the temperature is right.

Is grilling and cooking on the swivel grill possible sequentially?

You don’t have to choose between the swivel grill applications. Why not use both variants? So you can first prepare the kettle goulash or other stew in a kettle over the swivel grill. Later, when the dish is finished from the kettle, you place a grill grate and simply put your barbecue on it. This way, you can also perfectly use the residual heat from the embers. If you use both applications, you will surely offer something for every taste. Since the kettle retains heat well (additionally with a lid), you can also grill barbecue that needs to be grilled directly and quickly, so that cooked and grilled food can come to the table at the same time. Be creative and experiment a little. You will be surprised how much fun grilling and cooking on the swivel grill can be.

Advantages of grilling and cooking on the swivel grill

Swivel grill in the forestThanks to the swivel grill applications, you can benefit from many advantages:

it is mobile and can be used wherever grilling is allowed
the purchase price is low and is also not a problem for smaller budgets
you can grill and cook on it, which greatly expands the culinary offerings
many vegan and vegetarian dishes can be prepared when cooking on the swivel grill
you don’t need your own garden to grill and cook on the swivel grill
it is easy to clean up without taking up much space for storage

Not without cleaning!

Whether you want to grill or cook on the swivel grill, its clean and hygienic condition is important. Crusts from the last grilling on the grill grate are unacceptable! Here you should definitely use a grill brush so that the barbecue can be prepared fresh and healthy. You might ask which grill brush to use, but thanks to our grill brush comparisons and grill brush tests, the choice will certainly be much easier. Cleanliness is not only important for the grill grate. If you use a kettle for cooking on the swivel grill, time must also be devoted to cleaning it.

Practical accessories

In our accessory tests, you will find numerous “must-haves for grilling”. It is also important to ensure your safety and that of your guests when grilling and cooking on the swivel grill. Burns can happen quickly if, for example, you do not use barbecue gloves. They always make sense when grilling and cooking on the swivel grill. Barbecue utensils are also very useful, for example. With them,

the barbecue can be effortlessly placed on the grill grate, turned, and taken down. The most important accessory for grilling and cooking on the swivel grill is also a suitable kettle.

Safety when grilling and cooking on the swivel grill

If you want to grill and cook on the swivel grill, you must first look for a stable location for it. Be sure to make sure it is not near flammable materials. If you place it directly on the ground, you must be careful, especially if the grass is very dry. A veritable ground fire can quickly develop here due to additional wind. Be sure to also stay away from property boundaries for the sake of peace with the neighborhood. Make sure to have some water ready for any extinguishing needs. Also, do not forget to keep children and animals away from the swivel grill.


We find that grilling and cooking on the swivel grill can be a lot of fun, as long as you don’t want to put barbecue with a special preparation method on it, as a high-quality gas grill is much better suited for that. For a rustic and atmospheric barbecue, the swivel grill is a real mood booster. A themed barbecue evening is also fun, which is easy to implement with a swivel grill. Basically, we would always opt for a high-quality model.