The Rise of Hedonism: Julio Bruno’s Vision for London’s Entertainment Scene

In the heart of the sophisticated Mayfair district in London, Julio Bruno, a 55-year-old entrepreneur from Gijón, understands that hedonism requires meticulous planning. With the quote of Samuel Johnson resonating in his mind, “He who tires of London tires of life,” Bruno orchestrates a unique experience that captivates the cosmopolitan crowd of the British capital.

From Sacred to Sensational: The Church of Wine at Mercato Metropolitano Mayfair

Formerly the Church of San Marcos, built in 1828 and desacralized in 1974, this historical site underwent a transformation. After an extensive renovation costing nearly six million euros, it emerged as Mercato Metropolitano Mayfair, a hidden paradise for food enthusiasts in London. Bruno’s vision materialized as the Church of Wine, nestled in the sacristy to the left of the main altar, offering a selection of the most exquisite wines found in the city.

The Evolution of Mercato Metropolitano: A Culinary Movement

Under the guidance of Andrea Rasca, the founder of Mercato Metropolitano (MM), the concept transcended mere gastronomy. It became a movement advocating for sustainable and nutritious food, fostering community engagement. Today, MM boasts four locations across London, including Mayfair, Elephant & Castle, Wood Wharf, and Ilford. Bruno, deeply moved by the project’s ethos, not only invested in MM but also assumed the role of non-executive chairman.

Inclusivity and Sustainability: A Commitment to the Community

Beyond its culinary offerings, MM embodies inclusivity and community support. Bruno recounts witnessing a cooking course for children at MM Elephant & Castle, recognizing its broader significance. The initiative aimed to provide daily meals for children during the summer holidays, embodying an elegant form of community outreach. Moreover, MM provided opportunities for refugees from Syria and Afghanistan to establish their food stalls after passing rigorous assessments.

Accessible Luxury: Redefining Fine Dining in Mayfair

Despite being located in the affluent Mayfair district, MM prides itself on accessibility. Bruno ensures that every food stall offers a daily dish priced at a modest five pounds, emphasizing nutrition and affordability. Amidst the bustling ambiance of the converted church, customers enjoy a diverse culinary experience, ranging from Italian pasta to Japanese sushi, alongside a curated selection of wines and cocktails.

BeBeMe: Elevating the Wine Experience

Building on MM’s success, BeBeMe emerged as a haven for organic, biodynamic, and sustainable wines from around the world. Bruno’s expertise as a WSET-certified sommelier ensures a diverse wine list, featuring varieties from Spain, Italy, Chile, and beyond. BeBeMe’s underground crypt hosts live jazz performances every Wednesday, offering patrons an immersive sensory experience complemented by exquisite wines.

Expanding Horizons: The Lío Group Venture

Embracing diversity and sustainability, Bruno’s latest endeavor involves leading the Lío Group, a global hospitality project specializing in 21st-century cabaret. With venues in Ibiza, Mallorca, Mykonos, and London, the Lío Group offers gastronomic excellence and sophisticated entertainment reminiscent of the Roaring Twenties. Despite challenges like Brexit, Bruno remains optimistic about London’s dynamic and cosmopolitan nature, underscoring its resilience and unwavering commitment to leisure and entertainment.

In conclusion, Julio Bruno’s innovative approach to leisure and entertainment has reshaped London’s culinary and nightlife landscape, offering a harmonious blend of accessibility, sustainability, and sophistication. As the city evolves, Bruno’s vision continues to inspire, reflecting the vibrant spirit of London’s diverse communities.