Henrietta Borstein Douglas,Alex Borstein Kids/Children

While renown does not come readily to the masses, such is not the fate of celebrity progeny. Whether desired or not, fame is bestowed upon them, presented on a glistening platinum platter. This is evident in the case of Henrietta Borstein Douglas.

Early Life

Henrietta Borstein Douglas, the scion of celebrated lineage, was thrust into the glare and splendor of paparazzi due to her mother, the American comedian, writer, actress, and producer, Alex Borstein, and her father, a renowned American producer and actor, Jackson Douglass. Henrietta entered the realm of fame and camera flashes at just three days old, when she was found in the arms of her mother, Alex, at the hospital gates.

At present, Henrietta stands as one of Hollywood’s most prominent star kids. In the year 2012, she first graced the world in the United States, where she has since become a national citizen.

Currently a tender nine years of age, Henrietta revels in the distinction of being a famous star kid, amassing more social media fan accounts than the average child. At such a tender age, paparazzi trail her every move, an inevitable consequence of her illustrious parentage.


To date, Henrietta remains one of only two offspring borne of Alex Borstein and Jackson Douglas, alongside her sibling Barnaby Borstein Douglas. The shield of her parents’ protection is twofold: the rarity of her familial status and the unsought fame that accompanies being the offspring of two celebrities. Within the walls of her home, she is cherished and sheltered by her caring parents, Alex and Douglas. Additionally, she shares a profound bond with her grandparents, Irv Borstein and Judy Borstein. Furthermore, she finds great fondness in her uncle, Adam Borstein, with whom she spends joyous and wholesome moments.

While affection abounds within her family circle, Alex Borstein and Jackson Douglas have weathered some unloving moments. Irreconcilable differences led to their separation and subsequent divorce in 2017.

Alex and Jackson

Henrietta’s mother, Alexandria Borstein, is a well-beloved and illustrious American actress, writer, and comedian, renowned for her longstanding portrayal in the television show Family Guy since 1999. Her vocal contributions to the show have earned her an Emmy Award, and she has graced the silver screen in other notable films such as CatWoman (2004).

Henrietta’s father, Jackson Douglas, is an esteemed American producer and actor, carving his name in the annals of the industry. He has garnered recognition for several roles over the years, including appearances in movies like Galimore Girl (2000), Brown Eyed Girl (2001), and Guilt Trip (2012). Jackson Douglas’ visage remains indelibly etched in the minds of Hollywood enthusiasts.