Kate Elizabeth Lando,William Joseph Lando,Christian Antonio Lando,Jack Neville Lando

Kate Elizabeth Lando is the progeny of a renowned drama series, film actor, and producer, Joe Lando. Born on April 03, 2003, in Prairie View, Illinois, United States of America, Kate Elizabeth is now nineteen years of age.

Personal Life

Many film actors and movie stars consciously maintain a low profile on social media to safeguard their personal lives. Hence, Kate Elizabeth Lando’s parents, too, prefer to remain discreet, shielding themselves from social media and news channels. This approach prevents the intrusion of unnecessary troubles into their personal lives and ensures they are not perturbed by external factors.

Kate Elizabeth Lando has four siblings, three brothers among them.


Kate Elizabeth is currently pursuing her graduation in the field of modeling at Prairie View College.

Family of Kate Elizabeth Lando

Kate Elizabeth’s family comprises six members, including her three brothers (William Joseph Lando, Christian Antonio Lando, and Jack Neville Lando). Her parents are Joe Lando and Kirsten Barlow.

Joe Lando is a celebrated actor and producer renowned for his portrayal of Byron Sully in the national TV drama series, “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.” Born on December 09, 1961, Joe Lando commenced his career in the drama industry and subsequently ventured into film acting.

Relationship between Kate’s Parents

Before Kate’s birth, her parents were together for seven years. Both Joe and Kirsten deliberately shielded their lives from the prying eyes of the public and cherished their private life away from the spotlight. Their union garnered significant attention upon marriage, attracting the interest of relatives and close friends. It is worth noting that Joe and Kirsten were acquainted with each other before stepping into the Hollywood film industry, as they both worked at the same pizza shop – one as a chef and the other as a waitress.

Kate Elizabeth’s Boyfriend

Offsprings of movie stars often guard their personal lives jealously. Recently, an insider disclosed that Kate Elizabeth has a boyfriend who happens to be her classmate. Their relationship withstood the test of time for the last two years. Despite their bond, they chose to maintain their privacy and not publicize their association. It may be that they are not ready for marriage at this stage.

Kate Elizabeth’s boyfriend, Carmie Sellitto, is merely twenty years old and aspires to become a prominent actor, following in the footsteps of Kate Elizabeth’s father. He expressed immense admiration for her father’s character and acting prowess.