Laura Katherine Timberlake,Jonathan Perry Timberlake,Stephen Robert Timberlake

Laura Katherine Timberlake is the belated half-sister of Justin Randal Timberlake, an esteemed American vocalist, anchor, and lyricist. Laura’s passing still brings profound sorrow to the celebrated crooner.


Laura is survived by her parents, a mother and father, and three brothers. Her father, Randall Timberlake, serves as a director at the Baptist Church Choir, while her mother is known as Lisa Perry.

Her brothers are Jonathan Perry Timberlake, Justin Timberlake, and Stephen Robert Timberlake.

Laura and Justin share the same father, yet they have different mothers. Their stepmother’s presence never caused any division among the siblings, and they share an unbreakable bond.


Stephen is employed as a leasing consultant, and Jonathan works as a loan partner; their relationship remains harmonious and amicable.

Stephen is 22 years old, while Jonathan is 27. Jonathan is married and harbors unconditional affection for his wife, as evidenced by the myriad posts dedicated to her on his social media.

About Her Brother Justin

Justin is Laura Timberlake’s stepbrother and an immensely popular American musician.

He was born on the 31st of January, 1981. Laura and Justin share the same biological father, Charles Randall, whose mother’s name is Janette Lynn Harless.

Justin maintains a close bond with his mother and can be rightfully called a “mama’s boy.” His parents parted ways when he was still a babe, leading them both to forge new relationships and remarry.

Justin’s passion for music was ignited by his grandfather, who imparted musical wisdom upon him during his formative years.

Laura’s brother Justin is an avid enthusiast of motorcycles and is the proprietor of a distinguished tequila brand called 901. Additionally, he boasts an extensive collection of sneakers.

The Career of Laura’s Brother Justin

Justin made his television debut at the tender age of eleven.

He commenced his journey as a member of the band NSYNC, a five-piece group formed in 1995.

Yet, Justin was merely embarking on his trajectory; greater accomplishments lay ahead.

He embarked on his solo musical journey alongside a bandmate, and through various performances and collaborations, he emerged as a distinguished solo artist.

Justin has attained the status of the highest-paid celebrity and is among the most well-compensated musicians.

He has amassed 176 awards and received 522 nominations.

Hailed as the Best Male Pop Singer of the 21st century, Justin launched his solo career with the album “Justified” in 2002, securing his place as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

Relationship of Laura’s Brother, Justin

Laura’s younger brother, Justin, was previously involved in a romantic relationship with Britney Spears, a renowned singer.

His initial love and girlfriend were Britney Spears, whom he encountered on the Mickey Mouse Club.

They were also co-stars. However, their relationship concluded in 2002.

Before meeting his wife, Jessica Biel, Justin had relationships with Emma Bunton, a singer and actress, and Cameron Diaz.