Maiyisha Rashad Personal life,Ahmad Rashad Net Worth

The Early Life of Maiyisha Rashad:

Maiyisha Rashad was born in the year 1976, into the care of her esteemed parents, Ahmad Rashad and Matilda Johnson. She comes from a family of five siblings, being the youngest among them all. Throughout her life, she has witnessed several stepmothers, a consequence of her father’s multiple divorces.

Educational Background and Career:

Maintaining a discreet demeanor, Maiyisha Rashad has chosen to keep the details of her educational background and career path under wraps, preferring to shield her private life from the prying eyes of the public.

Ahmad Rashad – Maiyisha’s Father:

Ahmad Rashad is a renowned figure in the sports industry, particularly in the NFL. Born on November 19, 1949, in Portland, Oregon, he was raised by his parents, Condola Moore and O.C. Moore. Initially known as Robert Earl Moore Jr., he adopted the name Ahmad Rashad after converting to Islam in 1972. Sadly, Ahmad Rashad’s parents passed away in 1980. He also has a sibling named Dennis Moore.

Having emerged as the fourth overall draft pick by the St. Louis Cardinals in 1972, Ahmad Rashad attended Mount Tahoma High School before pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology at the University of Oregon.

Maiyisha Rashad’s Family Life:

Regarding the identity of her family, Maiyisha has deliberately maintained silence, choosing to preserve her marriage life in utmost privacy. She has refrained from sharing any photographs with her husband on social media platforms, as she eschews the limelight.

Ahmad Rashad’s Marital Journey:

Ahmad Rashad has traversed five marriages, four of which ended in divorce. His first wife was Deidre Waters, with whom he tied the knot in 1969. The union bore two children, Keva and Sean, born in 1970. Regrettably, the marriage did not endure, leading to their separation.

In 1976, Ahmad Rashad found love once more, marrying Matilda Johnson. The couple was blessed with two children, Maiyisha Rashad and Ahmad Jr., born in 1976 and 1978, respectively. Nonetheless, circumstances led to their divorce in 1979.

Undeterred by past failures, Ahmad Rashad remarried in 1985, this time to Phylicia Ayens-Allen on a well-known national television program airing a pregame show of the Detroit Lions playing against the New York Jets. Their union welcomed two lovely children, Billy Bowles (born 1973) and Condola Phylea Rashad (born 1974). However, after 15 years of marriage, the couple parted ways in 2001.

Following the ups and downs of his marriage with Phylicia, Ahmad Rashad pursued a new chapter in 2007, marrying Sale Johnson. The union brought him three stepdaughters. Unfortunately, this marriage also ended in divorce in 2013.

Maiyisha Rashad’s Net Worth:

Presently, there is no available information regarding Maiyisha Rashad’s net worth. Her employment status remains undisclosed, making it challenging to ascertain her financial standing.