Hala Al Shalaqani,Adel Imam Net Worth,Wife,Died

You have likely heard of Adel Imam; now, allow me to offer an insight into the captivating persona of his beloved spouse, Hala Al Shalaqani.

Hala Al Shalaqani is the cherished wife of the renowned Egyptian thespian and humorist, Adel Imam, whose illustrious career boasts appearances in over 103 films and approximately 10 theatrical productions. He has become celebrated for his portrayal of characters in social, political, and romantic dramas, all the while making a significant mark in the realm of comedy.

Marital Life

Adel Imam entered into matrimony with his beloved Hala Al Shalaqani. Together, they were blessed with two sons and a daughter: their eldest, Muhammed, was born on April 8th, 1984, followed by Rami and Sarah Emam.

Both share Egypt as their native land, where they have established their residence. Hala Al Shalaqani was sister to Mustafa Metwalli, an Egyptian comedian who graced the dramatic stage with his notable performances until his passing in 2000.

In the Limelight

Hala Al Shalaqani garnered attention when she attended her husband’s 80th birthday celebration, draped in an elegant black bodysuit. Subsequently, she shared a photograph of herself and her spouse, the esteemed Adel Imam, on her private Facebook profile. Among the thousands of comments, her friends praised her exquisite beauty and lauded her for maintaining her allure, despite a prolonged absence from the public eye.


Adel Imam and Hala Al Shalaqani take pride in being doting grandparents to Khadija Imam and Kismat Imam, born to their first son Muhammed Imam and his wife Nuraan Talaat, as well as Ezzidine Imam, offspring of their second-born, Rami Imam.

Legal Proceedings

During a trying time, Hala Al Shalaqani stood firmly by her husband’s side when he faced imprisonment due to his portrayal of conflicting roles in his work, depicting scenarios that challenged the established norms of Islam. Nonetheless, Adel appealed the sentence and emerged victorious, as the court absolved him of the defamation charges, ultimately clearing his esteemed name.