Katherine Kady Allen

Katherine Kady Allen, an illustrious scion, hails from the lineage of the esteemed American actor and wit, Tim Allen.

Early Life

Katherine entered this world five years into her parents’ matrimony, gracing December 1989 with her presence in the vibrant city of New York. She now stands at the age of 33, a testament to the passage of time.

Her father, Tim Allen, an eminent luminary in the realm of Hollywood, is renowned for his portrayal of the character Tim Taylor in the beloved American sitcom ‘Home Improvement.’ Additionally, he has assumed the role of ‘Mike Baxter’ in the comedic series ‘Last Man Standing.’

Katherine’s mother, Laura Diebel, remains a bit enigmatic, with her professional background shrouded in obscurity.

Parental Relationship

The union between Katherine’s parents, Tim and Laura, commenced during their university days at Western Michigan University. On the 7th of April 1984, they sealed their love in a private matrimonial ceremony. Regrettably, their bond faltered, leading to their separation in 1999, culminating in a finalized divorce in March 2003.

Evidently, Tim’s demanding schedule curtailed his availability to devote time to the family, prompting Laura to shoulder the burden of meeting household expenses and supporting him. Notably, Laura made a few appearances on ‘Home Improvement.’

Amidst a flourishing acting career, Tim seemed oblivious to the state of his marriage. After completing the entire 8 seasons of ‘Home Improvement,’ he returned home in 1999. Interestingly, the couple was seen together at the premiere of ‘Toy Story 2’ in Los Angeles in the same year. Nevertheless, merely four days after this event, Laura filed for divorce. At that juncture, Katherine was a tender nine-year-old.


Katherine Kady Allen boasts a stepsister, Elizabeth Allen Dick, from her father’s second marriage to Jane Hajduk. Elizabeth, 19 years her junior, enjoys accompanying Katherine and their parents during public appearances.


Regrettably, scant information exists about Katherine’s professional pursuits and vocation, with her career life still under investigation. However, it is evident that she relishes the allure of cameras and lights, much akin to her illustrious father. Undoubtedly, she remains focused on her work, patiently awaiting the universe’s befitting opportunity.

Personal Life

Katherine guards her private life with utmost discretion, a noteworthy stance despite her status as a former child celebrity, whose life once epitomized public intrigue.


Little is known about Katherine Kady Allen’s personal relationships, as there are no records of engagements or marriages, suggesting she embraces the status of singlehood.

Net Worth

Katherine’s personal and professional life remains veiled in an air of mystique. However, according to celebritynetworth.net, her father, Tim, commands an estimated fortune of $1000 million.

Social Media Accounts

Katherine Kady Allen, allured by a sense of seclusion, abstains from maintaining any social media presence, making her virtually absent from the digital realm.