Owen Isabelle Landau

Owen Isabelle Landau, a vocal artist, composer, and thespian, entered this world on August 3, 2005, to the esteemed parents, Michelle Landau and Teddy Landau.

Early Life

The tender girl opened her eyes in the enchanting locale of Sedona, Arizona, where she spent her formative years. However, Owen’s parents, Michelle and Teddy, after an enduring 11-year bond, parted ways in 2015, granting joint custody of Owen, with week-on and week-off arrangements.


In the year 2022, at the age of sixteen, Owen is already an accomplished American actress, melodist, and lyrist.

Owen’s primary vocation is that of an American actress, complemented by her musical endeavors, under the tutelage of her gifted and Grammy-winning mother, Michelle Branch. Moreover, her biological father, Teddy Landau, an adept bass guitarist, imbues the family with a rich tapestry of talent and harmonies.


Owen Isabelle Landau is the progeny of the illustrious Grammy laureate, Michelle Branch, and the bass guitar virtuoso, Teddy Landau. Until 2014, Owen resided with her parents until their amicable separation after an eleven-year union.

Subsequently, in 2019, Michelle Landau joined hands with Patrick Carrey, the frontman of The Black Keys, in matrimony. Owen now boasts two stepbrothers, Rhys, born in 2018, and a recently welcomed sibling, born in 2022.

Owen Isabelle Landau’s presence in the limelight and before the cameras has been inevitable, given the fame her parents garnered on the television.

Michelle Branch, the distinguished American songstress and songwriter, commenced her vocal journey at a tender age of three. Her ascent to fame was solidified by the release of her chart-topping albums, The Spirit Room and Hotel Paper, back in the year 2000.

Furthermore, she earned acclaim and recognition by winning the Grammy Award for Best Pop Collaboration for the mesmerizing duet with Santana, “Game of Love.” In 2005, her collaboration with Jessica Harp produced the soulful track “Leave the Pieces,” which received a coveted Grammy nomination.

Her father, Teddy Landau, another virtuoso musician, hailing from California, Los Angeles, has made his mark in the music industry as an exceptional bass guitarist. His fateful encounter with Michelle during their musical collaboration laid the foundation for their love story.


Currently, Owen Isabelle Landau resides with her mother, Michelle Branch, and her stepfather, Patrick Carrey, along with her stepbrothers Rhys and the newest addition to the family, born in Patrick Carrey’s Nashville abode.

According to Michelle Branch, Owen’s interests encompass an intriguing blend of ornithology, scientific exploration, and political awareness. In fact, Owen aspires to become an ornithologist when she reaches adulthood. Such is her fondness for birds that she has earnestly implored her mother for one as a pet, a wish that Michelle adamantly refuses to fulfill, as she disclosed in an interview. Additionally, even at her tender age, Owen exhibits a resolute disposition towards matters of politics.